Polygraph lie detector test – Services for individuals

Your attention provided a list of services for inspections of a private nature. Testing for individuals, such as family selection of personnel problems of a personal nature.

With polygraph examinations we will help answer many important questions for you:

  • Does changing my wife?
  • Does changing my fiance?
  • Does she stole my money?
  • Arson – this is his handiwork?
  • Loyal to me, my bodyguard?
  • My daughter or son take drugs?
  • My son is lying to me?
  • Is selling drugs my son or daughter?
  • She likes me or my money?
  • Is it me change plans in the future?
  • Does it manages car with alcohol or drugs?
  • Humiliate or physically in my son’s school students?

Also, individuals resort to polygraph examinations to detect lies or excuses entity falsely accused man:

  • Your son is accused of vandalizing school property.
  • Homeowner tests visitors suspected of theft.
  • Parents son suspected of stealing some items from home.
  • You suspect your teenage son of stealing a car from your garage

Selection of domestic staff.

The polygraph examination can detect those risk factors which are invited to the house of employees:

  • The distortion of biographical data.
  • Loyalty or loyalty.
  • The real motives for joining work.
  • Links with criminal elements.
  • Drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Fouls crimes and misdemeanors.
  • Mental illness and rejection.
  • Value orientations candidate.
  • Ethical aspects candidate.
  • Some individual characteristics.
  • The self candidate.
  • Another hidden information.

Remember appeal to professional private detective – the key to competent, prompt and effective resolution of the problem!