Detective Arkady Franzevich Koshko

Arkady Franzevich Koshko (1867-?) The famous Russian detective
At a meeting in 1913 in Switzerland, the International Congress of Russian investigating police detective in the “crime detection” has been recognized as the best in the world. And no wonder: the detective led the Russian Empire “the main investigator of Russia”, “Russian Sherlock Holms” detective Arkady Franzevich Koshko.
Investigator Arkady Franzevich Koshko was born in 1867 into a wealthy and distinguished noble family, who lived near Minsk. In those years it was published incredible number of detective fiction, which captured the boy’s reading, to develop his intelligence and logical thinking. After graduating, like many young men of noble origin, a military school, a young cadet was assigned for further service in the regiment stationed in Simbirsk. But military service did not attract a curious boy, and he resigned.
In 1894, the future investigator A. Koshko entered ordinary police inspector in Riga and immediately received great recommendations. It grew rapidly in the service, he was awarded repeatedly. For high crime detection young, educated and ambitious detective showed not only personal courage, and boldly put into practice known European science techniques. Six years later, the detective Koshko – chief of police of Riga, five years later he was appointed deputy head of the St. Petersburg police detective. In 1908 he became head of the Moscow police detective. At this time, detective Arkady Franzevich developed and first used in criminal system the new system, which was later adopted by Scotland Yard.