Famous detectives


Detective Arkady Franzevich Koshko

Detective Arkady Franzevich Koshko Arkady Franzevich Koshko (1867-?) The famous Russian detective At a meeting in 1913 in Switzerland, the International Congress of Russian investigating police detective in the “crime detection” has been recognized as the best in the world. And no wonder: the detective led the Russian Empire “the main investigator of Russia”, “Russian […]


Detective Allan Nathaniel Pinkerton

Detective Allan Nathaniel Pinkerton   Alan Pinkerton Detective Nathaniel (1819-1884). From the history of private investigation. In the USA, the first private detective agency emerged in the middle of the XIX century, when the system of police authorities have yet formed. At that time there was not a city police services or the Federal Police. […]


Detective Ivan Dmitrievich Putilin

Detective Ivan Dmitrievich Putilin Ivan Dmitrievich Putilin (1830- 1889) This famous Russian detective. Detective Ivan Dmitrievich Putilin was born in 1830 into a poor family of collegiate registrar Novy Oskol. At twenty-three years, Ivan D. entered the service in the police received a junior assistant to the warden quarterly Tolkuchem market. In the first years […]


The detective Eugène François Vidocq

The detective Eugène François Vidocq   The detective Eugène François Vidocq (1775-1857) The founder of the first in the history of the detective agency Eugène Vidocq was an adventurer and a criminal. He had a chance to serve in the army, to play on the stage, steal and rob, fight duels. For many years he […]