Corporate investigation with the introduction of an employee

Today, corporate investigations have become an integral part of the range of services of the Private detective agency “Detective-PIC” whose employees are attracted to the solution of the existing problems with competitors, theft in the workplace, a betrayal of the interests of business, being prepared or committed economic crimes. The fact that many companies are not willing to “take out the garbage out of the house”, and in some cases, see the feasibility of attracting private detective by bypassing its own security service, whose staff may be engaging in acts contrary to the interests of the corporation.


The success of any business depends on many factors. The first successful operation and development of the commercial structure depends on the personalities and experiences of people organized a company and naturally from its leadership. Unfortunately, often the founders by running “start” operation by impaired control functions and entrusted appointed leaders. In accordance with the existing sad statistics, many leaders felt such relief, begin to work for themselves, ignoring the interests of the company and its founders. Such cases are often detected  Private detective agency “Detective-PIC”.

It should also be noted that the work “left” are ordinary middle-level employees in the presence of certain powers and abilities. Basically robs the party to notice that something was wrong when the leakage processes are already working in the debugged mode: incomprehensible outflow of customers, falling turnover and earnings, debt growth and debtors, etc.

Corporate investigation with the introduction of an employee will identify the problem employees in the organization,  find the culprit in theft and other adverse situations for the company. Our staff embedded in your company or any department, cover with legends in the flesh before the official device, if needed. Further officer detective for some time enters into a relationship of trust with the staff, conducts corporate parties or joint recreation and so on, and most will know who is doing what, what the job descriptions are carried out, who are thinking and attitude to work, what relation to management or any other information of interest to client. After this investigation, detective will do a detailed report with a description of each employee’s unreliable, their deeds and intentions, aimed not at the company’s prosperity.