Detective Ivan Dmitrievich Putilin

Ivan Dmitrievich Putilin (1830- 1889) This famous Russian detective.

Detective Ivan Dmitrievich Putilin was born in 1830 into a poor family of collegiate registrar Novy Oskol. At twenty-three years, Ivan D. entered the service in the police received a junior assistant to the warden quarterly Tolkuchem market. In the first years of work so he could show his abilities and courage at the capture of dangerous criminals, which was awarded the Order of St. Stanislaus 3rd degree, and his dizzying career starts from this point. Insignia and promotions follow one another, growing and multiplying the number of disclosed crimes detective Putilin – about it has already referred to as the Russian Pinkerton.

In 1866, detective Ivan D. becomes the head of the newly established St. Petersburg police detective. The tense and restless life could not but tell on his health, and in forty-five years, having already the rank of general, Detective Putilin resigns. But the active nature of this superior man does not allow him to accept with calm, measured life, and three years later Ivan D. returned to his post in the former chief of secret police of St. Petersburg, to re-engage the criminality.

For the second time, and was finally, he resigns in May 1889 in the rank of Privy Councillor (which corresponds to the table of ranks of Lieutenant General and required treatment Excellency). His health was completely frustrated, and he settled in his estate Volkhov, where quiet and secluded living its last months. Detective I. Putilin dead in late autumn 1889.