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Protecting children

Are you concerned about the strange behavior of your child? He/she suddenly has got other interests and he/she ceased to communicate with you?

Children`s  behavior causes you some solid questions to which they do not give you any answers?


And you do not know what’s going on with him/her, as his/her influence and how to help him/her, if there is such a need?

Children – is our most sacred! We cherish them, but sooner or later there comes a time when they have to be let go into a separate swimming.

But only until such time as their “territory” does not appear, tobacco, alcohol, drugs or other destructive habits. However, sometimes they recognize, is not easy: the current rising younger generation has learned to skillfully dodge and lie, to hide their actions are not good.

They come out from under parental control, have come secrets, its own territory.


If you have reason to suspect a child in not exactly something good, or you do not quite like his/her surroundings, or if you just want to be sure that she/he’s all right? Then offer you to use the service to check the lifestyle of children . Private detective “Detective-PIC”, quietly and behind the scenes for the child, not detract from its merits, will observe his/her surroundings and life, identify their interests of course only with parental permission.

Do not waste your time, if the problem has fallen on your family!

Refer to a private detective agency “Detective-PIC”!  Our highly qualified specialists will help you!

They identify the causes of negative behavior of your child, as well as carry out a thorough check of his/her circle of communication. If it is necessary, set him/her watching. We can help you normalize the situation in the family, as well as ensure the safety of your child, enclose it from the negative effects that will give him/her the opportunity of a happy life!

Our actions will help to effectively prevent the negative actions of a teenager in the future. How, for example, leaving home, committing offenses or drug addiction. Do not tighten with the decision of this question, if you can not independently affect the child and enclose it from the negative influence of his/her circle of friends.

Needless to recall that in the course of monitoring all the information received, not ever come out of our search. Privacy guaranteed!

It is known that adolescence is fraught with many dangers for our children. It was during this period is likely to make mistakes, which in future will be very difficult to fix. Therefore, the protection of children in adolescence is most acute. Responsible parents have always taken measures to protect the child – a teenager, because it depends on them safe passage of a child of this life stage.


How a private detective can help to protect your child?

Often children, especially teenagers, are very secretive and reluctant to contact with adults. In addition, they have a lot of their secrets, which are responsible parents just need to know. To understand what was going on and to protect the child, many families are turning to the services of a private detective. Private detectives can provide much-needed information, validate the image a child’s life, his/her circle of friends to check and advise what action to take.


Types of detective services to protect children:

  • providing covert surveillance and protection of the child at various cultural events (night clubs, cafes, bars, discos, concerts, etc.);
  • clarification of the child’s circle of communication, the establishment of the places he/her visits, clarification of relations with classmates and teachers, check the image of the child’s life;
  • Search children.

All kinds of detective services to protect children carried out behind the scenes with the permission of a parent or guardian, that is, your child does not know about this, and you will always stay with them in good terms. Detective Agency “Detective-PIC” will help you to establish a true picture of what is happening and to take the necessary measures to protect the child.