Principal to the detective

Detective Relationship with clients:


  1. Crime should maintain its independence in the relationship with the client.
  2. The law, duty and conscience in the detective profession are above the will of the principal. No suggestions, requests or directions of the principal aimed at the non-compliance with the law or breach of duty can not be performed detective.
  3. Detective forbidden to give in to any form of promises about the outcome of the case.
  4. Detective forbidden to contribute to the principal by means of personal contacts with government officials, including law enforcement officials.
  5. The detective has no right to take from the principal loan, or otherwise put themselves in debt from his addiction.
  6. The detective must not execute orders: wearing is not based on the nature of the law; requirements, which violate public morals.
  7. When canceling orders detective must immediately return to the principal all the original documents in the case.
  8. The detective must not allow familiarity relations with clients.
  9. The manifestation of civil courage detective so be sure not to put the protection of the interests entrusted to the dependence on the violator of law, its social status.