Detective Allan Nathaniel Pinkerton


Alan Pinkerton Detective Nathaniel (1819-1884). From the history of private investigation.

In the USA, the first private detective agency emerged in the middle of the XIX century, when the system of police authorities have yet formed. At that time there was not a city police services or the Federal Police. In the protection of the life and property of the citizen to rely almost exclusively on self – centralized police service simply did not exist, and the sheriffs Institute acted selectively and not always effective.

Call Crime dropped famous detective Allan Pinkerton, whose name became a byword for the detectives. Nathaniel Allan Pinkerton was born August 25, 1819 in Glasgow, the son of a Scottish police. In 1842, the Pinkerton detective moved to the USA, a small town near Chicago, where he worked on the production of barrels. He would have remained an unknown craftsman, if not the case with the counterfeiters.

In his shop looked buyers pay off, as it turned out, counterfeit banknotes. Deceived Cooper tracked them down and surrendered himself to the sheriff, then gained fame of the greatest detective in the district, and he was elected sheriff.

Such glory and full of police inaction (in Chicago then have served a total of 11 police officers) gave him the idea of creating his own detective agency which he founded in 1850.

The emblem of the agency chose the open eye and the slogan – “We never sleep.” The agency struggled to effectively train robbery and banks. In 1861, the Pinkerton detective prevented an attempt on the life of President Lincoln. During the Civil War, Allan Pinkerton, at the request of Lincoln created the Department of the Secret Service, and for the first time in a police practice organized a special corps of night patrols in order to strengthen the fight against crime.

Government patronage allowed the detective Allan Pinkerton detective to create the widest network in the country: his men were guarding the train, catching fugitives, are investigating the thefts and murders. They were the first to go undercover, to use the photo in criminology and master other new technologies in the fight against crime.

Pinkerton died in 1884, in wealth, and universal respect. … Pinkerton Detective – author of a dozen books, representing the detective’s memoirs. The most famous of them – “Criminal Memoirs” (1878), “The Spy in the Civil War” (1883) and “Thirty years of detective” (1884). After the death of detective Pinkerton in 1884, the agency headed by his sons. Today the agency Pinkerton – one of the leaders in the United States.