Lie detector test (the polygraph)

Lie detector test (the polygraph)

Since ancient times, humanity is concerned by the question: “Is the truth this man says?”.

Questions to the lie detector  are and will be very important for the following reasons:

Lie-detector test – can we trust this man?

Detector test lie – whether we can trust the information received from this man?

Questions on the polygraph – as will be the decision taken on the basis of the information received?

Lie detector test – whether a person will reach their goals?

Polygraph test – if the person responsible for the incident?

Detecting lies, or psychophysiological research using polygraphs – a process that involves three “member”: unit-polygraph, specialist and polygraph test.

Method validation, which now and then are arranged in different countries, including independent experts, show a result in the range of 80 to 95%.

With regard to staff checks, polygraph work with the customer is based on the following scheme. First held a meeting with the director and marked all the “Risk Factors”, which suggests to arrange testing personnel. Experienced head usually presents itself, what are the threats to his business and what the company can lose money.

Direct work with the “body” as the polygraph, lasts from one to three hours. Employee is asked to sign a statement of voluntary consent to conduct research. Still, according to the Constitution a person shall be compelled to testify against himself. So that you can give up – either at all or on some of the testing phases.

The investigation of specific facts theft and embezzlement at the company experienced polygraph specialist can guarantee the result 95-99% provided that the attacker is among the test.

The personnel work lie detector can be used in two ways: to organize the screening of applicants for employment and to conduct routine inspections of existing staff on risk factors that determines the plant manager.


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